About Me

Hey y’all. I’m Courtney – a people manager by day, and mama/servant to a babbling toddler by night. Born and raised in Indiana and moved to the Valley of the Sun in my 20s. I met my sweetie at work and somehow convinced him that I’m wife-worthy (sucker!), and we got married a few years ago. A Midwest girl to the core, we recently moved from Arizona to the Chicago suburbs to raise our little nugget, Brooklyn. She makes our world go ’round and we’d do anything for her! We’re owned by two mutts – Cash and Gunny. They make me crazy, but they’re our furbabies and bonafide members of our Pack.

This blog is my attempt at documenting all the craziness of being a full time working mom. I hope other working mamas can read my blog someday and laugh out loud at my attempts to be Martha Stewart, Betty Crocker, Mary Poppins, and a kick ass manager at my day job. Basically, my life is one giant Pinterest fail – but the point is – I’m trying, and for that, I should atleast get a C+ for effort.

Thanks for stopping by!