I’ve got it!

In my first post, I talked about the fact that I need to get my shit together. And my second post was about trying to figure out what to write about. Well, after weeks (yeah y’all – WEEKS) of self deliberation (is that even a thing?) I’ve decided that my blog will be about leadership and kicking ass during your 9-5 so you can enjoy your 5-9. Lots of my posts will be about mom fails because, I mean, that’s basically my life in a nutshell….but trying to inspire other mamas to work hard and achieve success in the workplace will help reignite my passion for leadership and #girlpower and help me become a strong role model for the infamous Babbling Brooklyn. She’s quite bossy, but just as Sheryl Sandberg would say – she’s developing some strong leadership skills! Over the next couple weeks, I’ll work to put together a fun calendar of expected posts and I’ll get to it! I can’t even put into words how EXCITED I am to start my blogging journey. Still a little scared to have people read the stuff, but I don’t think I should worry too much about that yet 😉

I should also say – I want to do this full time so I’m going to have to figure out how to try and make some cash through this hobby. I should also say – I’ve had a lot of wine tonight. So much that I need to go to bed and it’s only 9pm! Because momming is hard. And when you’re a people manager, sometimes it’s like you’re a mom to grown ass people who were put on this earth to make every other employee look better. (But really though.)

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