And two weeks later…

Okay, I honestly had no idea what it would take to start a blog! I bought my domain and paid a few bucks for WordPress, assuming that I’d just start writing and the rest would just…well…fall into place magically and seamlessly! Nope. Not a chance.I’ve read a bagillion (spell check thought I meant to type ‘bagel lion’ so I’m guessing I misspelled this fake numeric value but whatevs) blogs about how to start a blog and they all say the same thing:

  1. Decide what you want to blog about
  2. Pay some money for your domain and hosting platform
  3. Create a bunch of social media accounts to promote your shit
  4. Find a few ways to make money (through ads and sponsorships and all that jazz)
  5. Poof! The rest is history. Just roll around in your money while all your friends/family/basically everyone else who ISN’T you are working for The Man.

But I can’t even get past step one! I feel like I have so many ideas for what I want this blog to be. The end goal is, like so many mama bloggers, to make enough money to stay home with my daughter (and if I didn’t have to think about daycare costs, I’d have like, a hundred kids and give Angelina Jolie a run for her money)….but it’s so much more than that! I’ve been journaling since I was in elementary school and I love to write. It would be cool as hell to write something that helps people….but that’s where I’m stuck. Who to help? And how?! The wheels are turnin’, girlfriends. (I feel like I should disclose – only one person knows this blog exists…and I haven’t even given her the link yet…so maybe it’s best I say ‘girlfriend’…as in NOT plural.) So yeah – I’ll keep thinking about how I can drop some knowledge on y’all that makes me feel like I’m a positive contributor to society. And you just. You just sit tight. I know you’re excited and can barely handle the suspense!

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